This Sunday, I decided to stop procrastinating for a few hours and finally pass the long-overdue Professional Scrum Product Owner I exam.

How did I do? It took me less than 4 hours total to prepare for the exam and pass it on the first attempt with a score of…


Mike Cohen, Esther Derby, Lissa Adkins, or Kenneth S. Rubin are just a few authors who changed the way we look at Agile and its frameworks. And in 2013 Geoff Watts joined this group when he published Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant Leadership.


“I wish I had ‘Tom’ with me on this project.” Do you recall having this type of thought at work? I do.

Every single one of us has a “Tom.” You know, the go-to person when sh*t hits the fan, and you need a hero to save the day.


Author: Bonneval Sebastien

Hey! You! Yes, you! Welcome! If you came here that means you must be interested in facilitating workshops either for your team or a company. And that’s great! However, it’s not that easy.

COVID-19 initiated a large shift in the way we work. We had to make a shift from…

Art by Gabriella Clare Marino @gabriella.clare & @gabriellaritratti

If you care about self-development, and not in that typical b.s. approach of following the “10 best habits of the richest people on earth” you came to the right place.

Learning how to learn is one of those force-multiplier skills that you wish you had stumbled upon when you were…

Image: Clark Tibbs (@clarktibbs)

On Friday, May 20th, after only 8 months I have finally decided to shut down; a Polish IT jobs aggregator I wanted to create ever since I started working in the industry back in 2016. …

Imagine having all popular job boards’ offers from your country aggregated and displayed in one place. That’s what I did with Joinly. A small project which collected job offers from IT job boards in Poland, and allowed people to search through them based on the city and the title (i.e…

Old people have Facebook, millenials have #instastory, and gamers… well, we have Discord. Since I’ve joined Discord’s community, I noticed the importance of ChatBots in every channel. As I’m learning Ruby in my spare time and I’m always eager to try something new I decided to give it a shot.

You know what the biggest, misunderstood buzzword in tech of 2017 is? Contrary to popular belief it’s not blockchain, ICO, AI, Cryptocurrency or even eSports to some extent.

It’s something entirely different.

Have you ever heard of “Agile” software development? You sure did. …

Albert Pałka

IT Project Manager.

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